Concept Marotti

MAROTTI – a vision that has come true. Marotti is a vision of a car that has been created to delight. To delight with its design, performance and ultrasport drive. This combination of the modern motorcycle and car technology has born a vehicle that is as dynamic as a motor and as safe and easy to drive as a car. In the steel, highly resistant frame, a high-speed motor has been installed and the power of 160-190 KM. It drives the back wheel with a chain and thus offers the level of dynamics in the back axle that is in demand among drivers.
The sport characteristics of the vehicle are strengthened by the extremely low centre of gravity and an aerodynamic shape of the body with additional elements that conduct air, such as the front spoiler, flat floor and back stabilizers. The mass to power ratio amounting to ca 2.3 kg/KM provides the efficient pick-up and very dynamic acceleration, while the low complete vehicle kerb weight and the sport tyres guarantee high speeds on curves.
Enjoyment guaranteed!

Technical data of Concept Marotti